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Guidelines for AO Charter Chapters

The core principles of the Academy of Osseointegration are to facilitate the exchange of new technologies, emerging trends and research in the fields of implant dentistry and tissue engineering. Consistent with AO's mission, the board wishes to further promote our global reach and enhance relationships with our world-wide membership. To encourage this outreach, the Academy has instituted the formation of Charter Chapters. The Academy hopes that these Charter Chapters will develop into a network for sharing education and training across the globe. The AO will assist these Chapters, enabling them to provide high quality programs they might not otherwise be able to offer; while at the same time increasing interest in membership and participation in the AO and the exchange of ideas and learning with international colleagues that is the fabric of our organization.

  A. Any group of five or more active members of the Academy of Osseointegration who wish to establish a Charter Chapter can apply to the Committee on Global Program Development within the AO.  
  B. There must be a "key contact" person who will be the liaison. This individual should be an active member in good standing with the AO over the last 5 consecutive years and must have attended at least one AO annual meeting. The person must submit a personal C.V. along with the application. Once selected the liaison must participate in all necessary correspondence/communications with the Committee on GPD and it is recommended that they attend the annual meeting on a yearly basis or select a suitable representative from the Chapter to do so in their stead.

  C. The applicants must promise to fulfill the mission statement of the AO: To enhance oral health globally by advancing the science, practice and ethics of implant dentistry and tissue engineering.

  D. It is the intention of the Charter Chapter program for each chapter to have at least one meeting annually in their local region, sponsored in part by the AO.

  E. The type of program will be the decision of the chapter with the approval of the Committee on GPD and may be a study club, full or 1/2 day meeting, or possibly hands-on session, and must fall within the budgetary guidelines set out below. No programs will be held within two calendar months of the AO Annual Meeting. The Chapters are encouraged to have multiple meetings during the year, either using AO support as described below, or on their own.

  F. As one of the key goals of the Charter Chapter program is to increase membership in the AO. AO members attending a Charter Chapter meeting are required to bring a non-member guest. It is expected that a significant number of these guests will apply for membership in the AO once they realize the benefits in doing so.

  G. The Chapter must submit a budget for each meeting to include but not be limited to room, AV hire, refreshments and speaker costs and honorarium. If the AO helps to provide the speaker selection, those specific costs related to that speaker may be negotiated. The AO will provide support on an annual basis up to a $10,000 yearly maximum. The GPD committee will have the opportunity to review budgets and modify AO support on a case-by-case basis. Any excess costs for running the meeting/s should be offset with meeting registration fees. Charter Chapter meetings may not be run for profit. Any excess funds not used for the chapter meeting will remain with the AO, and may be allocated to future meetings or follow-up (mailers or contracts to encourage membership, promotions for the annual meeting or the next chapter meeting, etc.). Financial data related to the organization and functioning of all Charter Chapters will be made available for review by the Committee on GPD and/or the AO executive offices.

  H. The subject matter, speakers and materials or the chapter meetings will be subject to approval by the Global Program Development Committee.  

  A. Ongoing attendance at Charter Chapter meetings at no charge unless a registration fee is deemed necessary by the Charter Chapter to cover expenses. The AO will provide assistance in setting up Chapter meetings with recommendations on content and AO materials to include nametags, banners, and promotional material.

  B. Non AO members may attend as a guest for one year. Ater a year these individuals will have to become an AO member to continue attending Chapter meetings.

  C. Charter Chapter members may establish a closer working relationship with the AO through active participation in regional programs.

  D. Charter Chapter members who become members of the AO will have the opportunity to volunteer for committee service through recommendation of the Charter Chapter Chairs.

  E. The AO will provide a section on the AO website for Charter Chapter groups to share information. It is hoped that future Charter Chapters and the Committee on GPD will continue to find ways to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information in the future.  


  A. Each Chapter will be evaluated on a continuing basis. Since one of the main reasons for establishing Charter Chapters is to increase active membership in the AO and attendance at our annual meetings, these variables will be important in the evaluation process.

  B. The Committee on GPD may make recommendations to the AO BOD if a Charter Chapter is unable or unwilling to adhere to the above guidelines. These recommendations may be for specific changes or improvements or may include termination of the Charter Chapter.

  C. Any Chapter in question will be notified of these recommendations before review by the BOD to provide the opportunity for the Chapter to respond before any BOD decision.

  D. The AO Board reserves the right to terminate any Charter Chapter for reasons the Board believes to be in the best interest of the AO. Termination requires the former Charter Chapter to immediately cease all activities, publications and communications conveying its current relationship to AO, including the use of the AO logo, AO brand and AO activities.


download application form Click graphic to access application form. Please print, complete and fax to 847.439.1569