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Highlights of Research Presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting

Specialists and generalists practicing implant dentistry came together from 45 countries to share research, innovations and best practices. Here are the seven award winners from the various categories listed below:

Best Clinical Innovations Presentation

Chandur Wadhwani CI-8

A Precision Implant - Locating Guide for Detection of Implant Prosthetic Misfit and Predictable Implant Radiography in a Simulated Clinical Model
Chandur Wadhwani

Best Oral Scientific Presentation
Masahiro Yamada OS-8

Cytofunctional Pre-conditioning for Auto-Cell Transplantation to Enhance Bone Regeneration Using Antioxidant Amino Acid Derivative
Masahiro Yamada
Best Oral Clinical Presentation

Lyndon Cooper OC-8

Marginal Bone Levels at Single Maxillary Anterior Tooth Implants Using Different Implant-Abutment Interfaces
Lyndon Cooper
Best Poster Presentation

Hidemi Nakata P107

A Trial of Three Dimensional Bone Regeneration by Adipose-derived Spheroids In Vitro
Hidemi Nakata

2nd Place Poster Presentation

Junro Yamashita P124

Effect of Parathyroid Hormone Therapy on Lymphatic and Blood Vessel Formulation in Tooth Extraction Wounds
Junro Yamashita
First Place Case Presentation


One-Stage Three Dimensional Alveolar Reconstruction with BMP2 and Sonic Weld Membrane
Marinela Gonzalez

Second Place Case Presentation

Mohammad Dashti P247

Occlusal Rehabilitation of Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis using Implant-supported Prostheses: A Multi-disciplinary Approach
Mohammad Dashti